Causes And Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar Fasciitis is a disorder resulting in the inflammation of the tender ligament called Plantar Fascia that is located in the arch position of your toes. This ligament helps your toes to bend while you walk keeping your postures correct. But if the Plantar Fascia gets inflamed it causes serious pain and threatens your ability to move. It exerts pressure on the bones of your toe which gives you a false impression of pain in the bones but actually it is not.  Here in this article the causes and treatments of Plantar Fasciitis are discussed, have a look at these.


Sudden weight gain and obesity can cause strain in the ligaments of the toe that may sometimes result in the tearing of the soft tissues in the ligament. Pregnant women sometimes experience this pain in the ligaments because they tend to become heavy during the period of pregnancy.

plantar fasciitis

Incorrect Pair of Shoes

Limit wearing shoes that have soft soles or if the shoes have a poor arch design, this may lead to pain due to Plantar fasciitis.

Strenuous Exercises

Doing strenuous exercises or suddenly taking up an exercise that requires the job of your feet for quite a long time can be the cause for this Planter Fasciitis pain. These disorders are mostly found in athletes who may get a sprain in the ligaments that could transform into a plantar fasciitis.

Long Standing Hours

If your job requires more standing hours for the whole day without giving rest to your limbs then you are at a very high risk of developing this disorder.


If you have other medical complications like arthritis, more specifically rheumatoid arthritis then, you are at a high risk of developing plantar fasciitis in the later part of your life. So take precautions beforehand so that you don’t need to suffer the horrible pain.

Changing Shoes Too Often

If you are accustomed to wearing high heels that also is not recommended and you suddenly switch to flat shoes then this abrupt change in the heels of the shoes can strain your ligament and cause pain. Because once the feet and the toes get accustomed to a heel it takes time to adapt to new heel designs. Also the arch posture of your toes changes which causes the pain. Even wearing shoes with thin soles and poor arch designs can also result in the pain.

Uneven Legs

Some people may have uneven legs right from their birth; they experience this pain due to the uneven lengths of your feet. Even abnormal walking postures can cause this pain. You might also experience this pain if you have Achilles tendons.


The symptoms for plantar fasciitis include sharp pain in the bottom of the foot especially at the centre of the heel. You can also identify this pain if you experience the pain after you wake up in the morning and step your feet.

It needs proper diagnosis so consult your doctor immediately if you experience such pain.

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